The Cleveland School of the Arts Alumni Association (CSAAA) was established in 2010 and became a non-profit organization in February 2014.


The purpose of the Association is to support the students, faculty, staff and community of the Cleveland School of the Arts through fostering:

a.  Relationships between alumni and the school.
b.  Assisting in academia, student activities, social activities, and other events.
c.  Award scholarships and grants to deserving students and faculty.
d.  Raising funds through dues, donations and events to allocate to those items listed (b) and (c).


CSAAA strives to be an essential contributor to CSA’s notable strengths of Academics and Arts. We will be a community committed to the well-being, growth and success of CSA students, faculty, and staff through advocacy and monetary support.


An environment that encourages:

  • Mutual respect and open communication
  • Innovation and continuous learning
  • A cooperative spirit and teamwork
  • Respect for diversity and inclusiveness
  • Personal growth and celebration of accomplishments
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All donations go to the CSAAA Scholarship Fund.

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